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What the Bible Really Says about Homosexual Practice


Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon has written an excellent article on answering five arguments for homosexuality from a  Biblical view.  This is an excellent resource for those who really desire to analytically think through the arguments for the "gay Christian" and that there is no condemnation of homosexuality.  Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and those who love our Lord and Savior and desire to defend the truth will enjoy this article.


Dr. Gagnon's five points are:

1) Answering the pro-gay conclusion that Jesus was silence on the subject of homosexuality - Was Jesus really silent on the issue of homosexuality?

2) Do eunuchs reveal the acceptance of homosexuality in the Bible?

3) Answering the Claim that: The Bible’s prohibition of homosexual practice in Romans 1:24‐27 applies only to exploitative and hedonistic forms of homosexual practice such as sex with slaves, prostitutes, and adolescents.

4) Answering the Claim that: The closest analogies to the Bible’s opposition to homosexual practice is the Bible’s support for both slavery and the oppression of women and its opposition to divorce, all positions that we now reject.

5) Addressing the idea of  "Significance" ~ Answering the Claim that: The Bible is not particularly interested in homosexual practice as evidenced by the fact that it is only mentioned on a few occasions.

I have found this article to be very help and highly recommend reading for those who are seeking the Truth.

You can read the FULL article in PDF: What The Bible Really Says About Homosexual Practice: from Dr. Gagnon by clicking here.  <-- PLEASE READ!