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Repenting from Incomplete Teaching and Statements Concerning Holiness

From homosexuality to holiness repentance quote

Last year, I was reminded that every time I heard Alan Chambers or another leader in Exodus communicate this statement:

"The goal is not heterosexuality, but holiness"   while teaching on a partial freedom from homosexuality, I would cringe.

However, I also had used the statement. Therefore, in humbling myself as a servant leader, I've been publicly repenting for communicating this statement when it was brought up.

Recent circumstances around me with others in Christianity continuing to communicate this incomplete statement and providing for so-called, "gay Christian" offerings pressed on me to communicate this more. (Like #Revoice18).

We must live in the light and expose teachings or ideas that lead to half-truths, which are lies and darkness. This idea of holiness leaving people ‘well’ or ‘whole-enough’ in same-sex attractions is not real holiness.

This so-called goal in this statement is such an incomplete statement and a misleading teaching. The results from people like Alan Chambers, Nate Collins, Justin Lee, Matthew Vines, and many others have been to unintentionally dull holiness or in some cases to intentionally dumb-down holiness so as to give a segue to continue the erosion and corruption in the Church with legitimizing orientation and "LBGTQ Christianity.” These proponents of “LGBTQ+ Christianity” would have everyone in the culture believe there is no changing a person’s orientation, and that holiness merely means acknowledgment of Jesus Christ as being the Savior of the World. Many are teaching a grace that is not Biblical, but one that allows for unrepentant homosexual identity. Jesus is obviously not Lord over a soul that is living in sexual immorality or allowing a segue to any kind of perverted or distortion before Christ’s holy name.  This potentially leads to another version of antinomianism – hyper-grace.  (Jude 1:4, Eph. 5:3-6) This is exactly what took place in the Exodus implosion.

Therefore, I released this quote box to be shared. God have mercy and grant a revelation of HIS divine mercy for a Heaven-breathed revival which promises change, and transformation.

From Homosexuality to Holiness
"Concerning the goal of repentance from homosexuality, I publicly repent for repeating the statement, "The goal is not heterosexuality but holiness" as being the goal.  This statement has misled many believing that same-sex attractions may remain in the soul and has been a segue for empowering orientation and 'gay Christianity.' The truth is, that the goal must be a life surrendered to the divine will of God, which is moving forward in holiness in His divine image, to be male and female, man and woman - holy sexual human beings. Therefore, the goal in real holiness is always to be realigned in His divine intent and creative design as innately heterosexual, reflecting His glory and image, which is Imago Dei, and can only be heterosexual, anything less is not the truth."

Of course, there will be those who will push back on this because they are suffering in same-sex attractions and long to be free in Christ.  I realize the dilemma, but to dull holiness or dumb-down holiness by truncating our faith to believe for less is not the answer.  The answer is to continue teaching an abiding discipleship in resisting the flesh, taking every thought captive and retraining the mind, the will and the emotions, so that the soul actually experiences these changes. No doubt, for some, they will not experience this in this life, but all the more reason to preach hope for more, rather than a truncated Gospel.  Jesus asks a very simple yet profound question concerning His return, "Will I find faith on Earth?" I will continue to preach a faith in the grace of God to bring about transformation, rather than aligning with those who sow unbelief.  What will you do?