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another_heavenly_city_2Resource Recommendations on Heaven

Stephen Black's YouTube Recommend Playlist on Heaven & NDEs -- growing go to: https://tinyurl.com/heavenvideos

Recommend Theological Books about Heaven

  1. Online Book and Audio of Jonathan Edwards’ book on Heaven, A World of Love Parts 1 thru 3
  2. HEAVEN by Randy Alcorn
  3. One Minute After You Die by Dr. Erwin Lutzer
  4. A Place Called Heaven by E.M. Bounds

Recommend Testimonial Books about Heaven

  1. My Time in Heaven by Richard Sigmund
  2. Revealing Heaven 1, 2 and 3 by Kat Kerr *
  3. Heaven is For Real – by Todd and Colton Burpo
  4. 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper
  5. Flight to Heaven: A Plane Crash, A Lone Survivor, A Journey to Heaven and Back by Dale Black

Recommend Articles and Books ONLINE / links on Heaven

  1. Paradise, The Holy City, and the Glory of the Throne *
  2. Inside the Gates of Heaven by Pastor Oden Hetrick – Online Book to read now

Recommend Videos on Heaven

  1. The Lazarus Phenomenon – The Movie
  2. Testimony of Rev. Oden Hetrick’s Visits to Heaven
  3. Testimony of Dean Braxton – Near Death Experiences of Heaven
  4. Heaven is For Real – interview of the Burpo family
  5. Testimony of Ian McCormack
  6. Cosmic Conflict – The Origin of Evil – The Movie
  7. The Best Stories of People Who Have Seen Heaven and Hell.
  8. What Heaven is Like:   Video 1,  Video 2 and Video 3 *
  9. The Reality of Heaven. What will Heaven be like? What will Hell be like?
  10. How much do you have to do to go to Heaven? How do you know if you are really going to Heaven?

* — I do not necessarily agree or endorse everything purposed or presented.