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"The Falling Away" in Our Day

Falling Away - August 2020

I am grieving over the tragic consistent falling away of many in this day.  Please pray with me that we could enjoy a national revival once again, and a real revival of love and sincere repentance and a manifested joy of Christian salvation in our families, in our churches, and in our workplaces! The following is a list to consider of obvious signs of backsliding and perhaps people on their way to hell. 

Are you deeply concerned at the lack of personal love and devotion towards Jesus Christ, and the lack of desire for the Word of God and devotion towards The Church of Jesus Christ today? Prayer and witnessing because of the Joy of Salvation is missing with many. Fear and immorality are made normal in our day, and we are experiencing a great falling away of the once believers.

Please take personal inventory and prayerfully consider your own relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord.

Obvious Signs People Are Either Lost or Backslidden – An Indication of a Trajectory with an Eternity Away from God

  • The First Love and excitement about knowing Jesus Christ intimately and deeply have waned.

  • The delight in being close in talking with Jesus Christ as the Creator is not known.

  • Reading and studying the Word of God is not a joyful priority in their life.

  • Prayer is foreign and looked at as a duty rather than a wonderful experience to connect with God.

  • Inventories of the closest friends are not those who are in love with Jesus Christ and His perfect ways. Your friends have also stopped seeking God as the first priority.

  • Telling others of your faith and desire for others to know Jesus Christ as their Lord is rarely a goal in weekly activities.

  • You lack a sincere desire to honor your parents and authority figures in your life.

  • Earthly interests, occupations, and making money are more important than eternal interest ones.

  • When your turn to entertainment, sports, mobile devices, watch TV and read secular books and magazines than read the Bible and pray.

  • When you do not have any interest in being around others in the Body of Christ that causes you to be more like Jesus Christ.

  • When you will not love others, and forgive but hold on to judgments.

  • When you are more critical than encouraging of others who need help.

  • There is no joy in helping the weak, poor, needy or sinner.

  • Differing forms of desires for other things, (idols) are excused, especially excusing the lowered cultural standards of morality, life, love, and care for the divine intention of the family unit are dismissed.

  • When you make excuses for not following through with all the above because Christians are hypocrites, you have just made yourself a backslidden hypocrite.

If you need Jesus as Savior and Lord, please talk with someone. God gives His grace, power, love, and forgiveness to those who seek His ways in contrition.  He longs to be gracious and pour out His love on those who will truly seek Him with all their hearts.