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Is Oklahoma Ready to Ban Counseling and Therapy for Sexually Confused Youth?

Jason DunningtonOklahoma HB2456 by Rep. Jason Dunnington, who is being used by the LGBTQ community to further their obvious goal of recruitment of binding children into LGBTQ+ chaos. People who have common sense can see this goal. The goal has always been recruitment and the normalization of homosexuality. Laws banning therapy and counseling for youth are clear, they demand that sexually confused children to enter the ranks of the LGBTQ+ community and not find any resolve of traumas or true freedom. The bills are truly the “MUST STAY GAY!” bills being forced on our youth across our nation. Unfortunately, there are few bold pastors or courageous leaders willing to call attention to this erosion. This is tragic in our day. Don’t be naive folks, this really is about recruitment and lust.

You can read about this bill, HB2456 here: http://bit.ly/ok-hb2456

It is heartbreaking to read that OK House Rep. Dunnington, with a degree in Christian theology doesn’t believe the Gospel nor the power of the grace of God to change & transform lives out of LGBTQ chaos! Instead, he is propagating a purposed law to stop
counseling for sexually confused youth by presenting this “MUST STAY GAY” bill HB2456. I am so grateful for 35 years of freedom from homosexuality. I have also served hundreds of other people who have also found freedom. I am so grateful for the First Stone Ministries Effectiveness Survey was taken for the Freedom Realized project to go into my book. The results conclusively revealed that 73% of participants over a 25 year period receiving ministry at First Stone Ministries found lasting freedom!

It is a pitiful day when Oklahoma Lawmakers who call themselves Christians align with such diabolical goals of the ruse propaganda of the so-called fear-mongering term “Conversion Therapy.” This is a direct association with aversion therapy with pain therapy which is not offered anywhere! What is offered is counseling and talk therapy, as is offered in any counseling or therapy. We need to stand to help our sexually confused and addicted youth to find necessary counseling.. What First Stone Ministries offers is: pastoral care, discipleship and support groups presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also offer public speaking, seminars and conferences.

Please help us by calling your representative and say, “No!” to HB2456.


* People shown above are not actual clients. They are only a representation of people wanting help.

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