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Blog Update

update2011 and last year, 2012 were very difficult years in my life.  Filled with great pain! My wife and I endured the most painful thing one can endure, the death of an adult child. Our Charity Hope went to be with Jesus Christ our Lord on April 24, 2012. I feel like I am just now coming out of a fog of grief.  Understandably I have not put energy into this blog site, blogging or writing.  As a parent, you never fully recover; you learn a new 'normal' much like an amputee, or someone suffering with PTSD.

Before April 20, 2012 when our daughter was suddenly admitted to the hospital, I was also dealing with the heartbreaking decisions of many in the Church at large to embrace an emergent theology.  I was in personal discussions (Matt. 18:15-20) with many leaders in the United States concerning the 'new directions'  that are embracing of a non-culture effectiveness "staying out of policy and politics" and a shift in an emergent antinomianism theological belief systems; turning the grace of God into a license for sin. These discussions were with believers I once walked with in ministry across the USA. There was a lot of grief in the division in ministry, much like the grief in a church split. Therefore I did not give much time to writing, perhaps this will change in the near future, I hope so.

If you can sympathize, prayer covering is sincerely appreciated, thank you, Sincerely, Stephen Black