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God of Wonders

I highly recommend the “God of Wonders”; it is by far the best documentary I've watched concerning the creation from a Biblical world-view.  The detailed graphics in video production are as good as anything produced by PBS or National Geographic.  Yes!  It really is great!  Although I would recommend you make the purchase of the DVD here, you can actually watch the video on their website by chapters; and now you can watch it on YouTube.  Okay, no excuses, watch this amazing video revealing there is a God, Who loves you!  This amazing God of Wonders actually created all things we see on Earth alive, everything in the universe and things we cannot see.  I enjoy this documentary as it underscores what I teach in the ministry concerning being created in His image as male and female and why homosexuality and gay marriage are illegitimate.  The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God and understanding that God is holy.  This documentary reveals the grandeur and the enormity of God and His love for His creation.  The level of detail in DNA screams designed, and therefore a Designer.   The complexity of life revealed in this documentary screams created rather than an evolutionary process, therefore this documentary screams Creator.

God bless you friends, and enjoy the God of Wonders!