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The Shack

shackcover1-193x300Recently I had an opportunity to read, The Shack. It was wonderful. It was every bit as good as I had been told by others who told me it was a "must read."   I concur, this book really is a must read!  It was excellent.

This story will especially speak to those who have experience great adversity, traumatic events and profound grief.  Unfortunately and fortunately I have experienced all three; unfortunately because pain is never fun and you would never wish it upon anyone, but fortunately - because the Father in Heaven has used very painful events in my life to shape me and cause me to grow more in Him and be more compassionate.  I love God's ways.  They truly are so different than the ways of man, the flesh, the world and demons.

The Shack for me was a journey to know God more intimately, and to know Him through the real and possible tragedies of this life.  This book is fiction. However, the life-like quality of the story had many readers convinced it must be a true story and to initially seek out the author to know the main character - "Mack" or "Mackenzie." Yet no person exists as the book is indeed a beautiful authored work of fiction.  Though it is fiction the Biblical truths of an intimacy with God to be sought after is compelling and heart burning.  You will not be disappointed by this story.  I am excited to see what the movie will be like.  I hope it is as full of the wonderment from pages processed in the heart and mind of the soul reading, it was fantastic!

My experience in reading this book: I was able to grieve, laugh, meditate, pray a lot, process my own abuses, get angry with the characters and remember my own anger, and fantasize about being with the Father in great joy.  I was also able to look into my own life brokenness and experience great joy in knowing the depths of healing, freedom and forgiveness.  Truly this book is about reconciliation and forgiveness.  I highly recommend this book - actually it is a "must read."  This would be a wonderful Christmas gift.  God bless you as you read, THE SHACK.