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Oklahoma City's New 925ft Skyscraper?

devon-213x300Will Oklahoma City actually get a new 925 ft. sky scraper?

The buzz is that Oklahoma City will be getting a new skyscraper! City planning meetings with Devon Energy Corporation has confirmed this past week that the plan is to build a new headquarters in downtown Oklahoma City for Devon and to open by 2012.  The new 54-story, 925-foot tall skyscraper will be the devonmeeting2-150x150tallest building in Oklahoma, number 23 in height in the US and will cost over $750 million.  The plan also calls for a beautiful four-story building beside the tower with a dome-like glass atrium with a spiral walkway for public access.  It will include a long narrow building which will have an additional 400,000 square-feet of space for classrooms, auditoriums and other facilities needed for special events, and public restaurants.  The existing parking tower will be increased by 10 floors, adding the needed parking for employees. Across the street from this mammoth tower are the amazingly beautiful Myriad Gardens. I am very exciting about this project as it will bring more jobs into Oklahoma City, and other future projects and business not yet mentioned.  I guess this is one reason I should be thankful for higher gas prices, it will ultimately help Oklahoma.  Oklahoma is a national leader in the exploration of natural gas and petroleum.  This will really help the economy in Oklahoma.

The new I-40 construction project, the new Oklahoma River project, with river crusies and the Bricktown project is making Oklahoma City one of the most attractive 21st century cities in the USA for arts, conferences, business and incredible recreation! What a wonderful place to live!

Visit the Myraid Gardens!