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Oct 2008 29 Oct 29, 2008

What will the USA be like with these three dangerously liberal Democrats leading our country? Watch the videos below! — Obama no experience, and his running mate Joe Biden guarantees the American people that if Barack Obama is elected the USA will be involved in an international crisis! — Obama too risky to be our Commander and Chief! — Obama and his dangerous associations: — Obama for change: — Obama Policies &mdas...Read More

Oct 2008 28 Oct 28, 2008

by Pastor Paul Blair with Fairview Baptist Church, Edmond, OK Fact:  Barack Obama opposes and has promised to see all Defense of Marriage Acts overturned. Fact:  Barack Obama supports homosexual marriage ensuring that the 1,100+ federal legal rights and benefits of natural traditional marriage are extended to same-sex couples.   In addition, it will be illegal for you to preach against homosexuality. Legalizing homosexual marriage will end the ...Read More

Oct 2008 26 Oct 26, 2008

It seems that this election has hit an all time high of hypocrisy and lies for the Democrats. The Dems are out of control when it comes to social issues, e.g. homosexuality, sexuality, redefinition of the family which involves the normalization of homosexuality as equal to heterosexuality in unions and marriage in all 50 states, additionally there is now the advancement of mandatory sex education K-12 to teach our children this new redefinition of family, Obama's pro-dea...Read More

Oct 2008 17 Oct 17, 2008

This stated question is one to really ponder, "What will it be like?" I am very concerned what this could mean for our society, for Bible believing Christians and for me as a minister. I am writing the following because I sincerely care about my country, my family and the Church of Jesus Christ. I am not writing in the spirit of condemnation of homosexuality, but rather merely reporting news items and what is going on politically in the political gay agenda, with the Nat...Read More