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Deliverance from Shame through the Power of the Holy Spirit

Woman-Shame-Covered-Face-fOn November 5, 2017 Dr. Sam Storms, Senior Pastor at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City gave a powerful message on freedom of toxic shame.  You can listen below.

Shame is what drove Adam and Eve to hid in the garden of Eden.  It is natural to have shame when we sin.  However, toxic shame causes us to hide and not be known.  This kind of shame would cause the soul to hide from the very presence of LOVE in the person of Jesus.  Just like in the garden, we are like Adam and Eve hiding from the very presence of love when we have toxic shame and do not believe for freedom in who we are in Jesus Christ as Lord.

Toxic shame is one of the foundational causalities keeping most sexual sinners in bondage.  It has been historically true in the ministry I am apart of at First Stone.  Most people who have been sexually abused are filled with rejection and toxic shame.  It is imperative to find lasting freedom. -- Stephen Black

You can find the notes to this sermon by click here.

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