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Dec 2015 23 Dec 23, 2015

Read Colossians Chapter 3 Seek the things above! Set your mind on things above! Set your mind on Heaven, where Jesus rules and reigns! Put to death your members, the desires of your flesh body (be a doer) – put to death fornication (living together and having sexual relations outside of marriage), put to death uncleanness,  put to death evil lusts and passions, covetousness and idolatry!  Putting to death requires doing! To be a doer of God's wo...Read More

Dec 2015 10 Dec 10, 2015

Years ago I attended a seminar conducted by Milton Green.  The seminar was three to four days of Scripture reading, Bible study, worship and prayer.  The seminar brought abundant freedom to thousands of people, mainly in the Southern Baptist Church during the "Fullness Movement."  It was a wonderful time to be alive.   There was a proclamation of truth through the scripture and praying that Milton would have the entire audience repeat.  I have po...Read More