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Jul 2014 30 Jul 30, 2014

by Stephen Black (2010) Apostle Peter warned us that scoffers and mockers would come on the scene with louder and louder voices in the last days. Ruled by their own fleshly desires, appetites and se­duced by demonic powers, Peter warned that the scoffers and mockers would raise a ruckus against those who desire to live godly, leaving behind their true devotion to God’s word for lifestyles of sin and pleasure. “Where is the promise of Jesus’ deliver...Read More

Jul 2014 30 Jul 30, 2014

Do Not Marvel, Nor Be Dismayed Brothers and Sisters!  Jesus Warned Us, and So Did the Apostle Paul.  Many will fall away from the faith in the last days. Jesus reminded us and said:  Be careful that no one misleads you, deceiving you and leading you into error.  (Especially the idea of gay Christianity).  For many will come in, they will look just like sheep.  They will come-in on the strength of My name, appropriating the name which belo...Read More

Jul 2014 27 Jul 27, 2014

I attended the Reclaim America for Christ Conference this past weekend in Moore, OK. There was a fantastic line up of speakers proclaiming truth about our needs as a nation. One speaker was Frank Turek with Cross Examined.  He presented a very logical and common sense approach to presenting truth.  One particular session was on the debate of Natural Marriage VS. Same-sex Marriage.  It was excellent.  The videos and audios will be available on the Recl...Read More