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Hope for the Homosexual: First Stone Ministries

  • Hope for the Homosexual: First Stone Ministries – September 2008 Covenant Eyes Blog – News
    This is a blog post/article written by Luke Gilkerson with Covenant Eyes posted on September 29, 2008. I was very honored and blessed by Luke’s well written and kindly representation of our ministry and work at First Stone after he interviewed me for this article.
    Here’s a statement from Luke I am very grateful for, as many are uninformed.
    “But no type of ministry is perhaps as overlooked, underfunded, and stigmatized as a ministry to homosexuals.
    The church exists to be a redemptive community for all types of people with all types of sexual brokenness—heterosexual and homosexual sin—and this is what First Stone Ministries (FSM)of Oklahoma is all about.”

    Good Morning America Interview – August 5th, 1998 (television transcript) This is the written interview from the morning television show with Lisa McRee, Stephen Black, and Urvashi Vaid.

    Freedom of Speech Rally – Oklahoma Capitol Rotunda – April 2, 2008 ~ Rally for Sally by Stephen Black – Speech Transcript


I had a wonderful and rare opportunity to share my testimony in the beautiful newly renovated Oklahoma Capitol. It was an amazing time. This is the day the community Rallied for Sally Kern as the gay activists had their “day” – “the Shame on You Sally Rally” and it was sad. Citizens are concerned about the political gay agenda and it was obvious by the several thousand that were present that day for this terrific day at the Oklahoma State Capitol. It was truly a day to remember!

 YouTube video links of this speech:   2A &   2B

Words to Live by Interview: I heard it, I believed it, but was it the truth?–Stephen’s Story