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Freedom from Homosexuality - A Letter to OKC Gazette Editor

Louis_HommelSeveral years ago I meet Louis Hommel who had already started his journey with God in walking away from homosexuality.  I had the honor and privilege to spend time serving Louis in discipleship care and support group ministry within First Stone Ministries.  I am so proud of how consistent and diligent Louis has been in seeking Christ as Savior and Lord of his life and his sexuality.  Many of us who have left homosexuality behind embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus' Gospel communicates clearly that we must deny ourselves and live our lives separate from the desires of the world, the flesh and sensual powers.  As people who used to identify as gay; we are on a journey looking for eternity and not the momentary pleasures of this life that is offered by the "gay" Gospel proponents.  The "gay gospel" is a false gospel and a dangerous message Biblically.  However, there is hope! I want to share with you the excellent letter written by Louis Hommel that he shared with the Oklahoma City Gazette.  The letter was published a few weeks ago, however it was edited down.  Therefore I asked Louis' permission to post the entire letter, here it is:

A Letter to the Editor by Louis Hommel

In his letter last week Thomas Furlong makes a valid point, homosexuals are no different from other sinners and since all of us have fallen short of the glory of God, this is a message of hope! For many people who are Christian by identity and troubled by a homosexual inclination, the church's message that it is sinful is a message of hope because God can help you stop sinning. The Church does not condemn people with a homosexual inclination by labeling it sin, it empowers them to gain control of their lives. This is not a theoretical argument because there are people who choose to leave homosexuality and have chosen the church to help them. Tolerance and respect for diversity is not a one way street and we should practice real compassion by giving them the respect they deserve. They have not been "led astray" by the church and "tricked" into adopting so called "homophobic" attitudes. They are discouraged by their experience of living a gay life and have chosen to leave of their own free will. When we blame the church we overlook these people and fail to realize that the church is meeting their demand to provide ministry for them.

In Mr. Batchelder's letter he claims that the American Medical Association, The American Psychological Association, The American Psychiatric Association, and the National Association of Social Workers claim that homosexuality is neither sickness nor sin. Sin is not a topic for psychology, psychiatry, social work or medicine. It is a topic for theology, which is a legitimate field of study and an authentic body of knowledge. Since theology is not a matter of opinion, we can no more decide for ourselves what is and is not sinful than we can redefine the value of pi as 3.17. All the major world religions are in agreement on the sinfulness of homosexuality, even though they made the decision separately thousands of years ago. It is this consistency in doctrine that has made religion so important in people's lives for so many centuries.

Meanwhile psychology is less than 150 years old and has changed its mind several times on many topics including homosexuality. (Anyone remember lobotomy surgery or LSD enhanced psychotherapy, how about nude encounter groups?) Now some psychologists imagine that they are the governing body for religion? They must still be running around stoned and naked!

Religion is the guide most people choose for deciding how to live their lives. If you doubt this drive around your neighborhood and count the number of churches versus the number of counseling centers. Most psychologists can only dream of filling an arena like Billy Graham did, let alone write a book as popular as Rick Warren's "A Purpose Driven Life" As for these organizations that claim that homosexuality is a natural trait and not a mental illness, it should be pointed out that they are professional associations and not governing bodies. It is individual states that govern licensure through licensing boards. The truth is that many psychologists offer reparative therapy for unwanted homosexual inclinations. To find out more visit the National Association for Research and Treatment of Homosexuality (www.narth.com) . Here you can find out what scientific research really shows about homosexuality. For those who may be interested in learning about 12 step recovery from homosexuality you can visit Homosexuals Anonymous at: www.ha-fs.org. (There is also help with an entire network of Christian ministries world-wide called Exodus International).

(UPDATE 6-2013) Exodus International closed due to a shift in theology and ideology.  We can no longer recommend Exodus International or the new organization headed up by Alan Chambers of Reducing Fear and his version of Speaking Love which gives a segue to gay Christianity.  However, there is new network of ministries that is Biblically sound and orthodox: The Restored Hope Network.  We highly recommend Restored Hope Network for help.)

For anyone who is offended by this letter, let me be the first to welcome you to America where all people have their first amendment rights to freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and freedom to petition. I know all five rights very well because I use them on a regular basis and encourage others to do so too!

Louis Hommel is a contact person for Homosexuals Anonymous in the Oklahoma City area. He is an advocate for the right of people to choose to leave homosexuality and embrace heterosexuality.  Louis is a graduate student of psychology and is working on his internship in reparative therapy. Louis can be contacted at: okccourage [at] yahoo.com.

First Stone Ministries' Staff Proclaims Freedom from Homosexuality!

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