Double Standards for Democrats

It seems that this election has hit an all time high of hypocrisy and lies for the Democrats. The Dems are out of control when it comes to social issues, e.g. homosexuality, sexuality, redefinition of the family which involves the normalization of homosexuality as equal to heterosexuality in unions and marriage in all 50 states, additionally there is now the advancement of mandatory sex education K-12 to teach our children this new redefinition of family, Obama’s pro-death radical extreme positions on abortion are almost unbelievable, and then there are the hate crimes legislation and ordinances to promote the silencing of Christian or conservative speech on the issues of homosexuality and morality. (Please read my previous post with hyper link confirmations).

However, having said all that, it is so sad that reporters seeking to know just a little of the truth are not allowed to ask tough questions of the Obama / Biden camp; watch the following YouTube video.

NewMax Story: Biden Angry with Barbara West of Orlando’s WFTV for asking tougher questions.


One Response to “Double Standards for Democrats”

  1. Larry Grizzle on November 3rd, 2008 11:20 am

    Hey guys…

    Don’t forget, that after we have done all that we can during this most critical election period in our nation’s history,
    no matter what happens… WE WIN!!! No downheartedness allowed!!! No depression permitted!!! Even in victory,
    we will stand on the other side of it with an uphill fight that could stymie hope in even the most staunch optimist!

    The enemy has instilled in his minions here on earth with the same spirit and mind set that he has. He has convinced
    them that good is evil and evil is good. He has also convinced them that the end always justifies the means and this
    not only allows them to lie but almost guarantees that they will do so to get their way. And just to pour salt in the wound,
    he relies on the goodness that still resides in people against them. Most people are naive and think that most people
    are honest. This allows them to be sucked in by the “rhetorical flourishes” (read lies) of the left. Obama is not only
    ‘Redistributor in Chief’, he is ‘Liar in Chief’. That’s what he does and that is what he will do if elected in order to draw our nation
    ever deeper and deeper into the pit of destruction. HE IS TRULY HIS FATHER’S DESCIPLE! Even the bleakness of an Obama
    victory speaks to hope. Even in that we can see that Satan is unknowingly following
    God’s play book. History is in the hands of our creator God and His Son!!

    So, as history hangs in the balance and AFTER we all get out to vote REPUBLICAN, let’s draw back into our innermost
    being and remember that, in Christ, We Win!!! We will ultimately appear in heaven with Him, who is our life. It’s
    A given; Slam Dunk; Three Pointer: Touchdown; Home Run; Goal & First Place All in one. He is Numero Uno; WE WIN!!!

    You may have already heard this song or read it’s lyrics but I wrote a song a while back that
    May be an encouragement to you. It’s just a reminder in poetic form that we do, indeed, WIN!!

    WE WIN!!!!

    VERSE 1

    As in a trance, I prayed one night
    all battle-scarred and worn
    You see, I’d given up the fight
    bloody, beaten, naked, torn!
    As darkness gathered all around
    I bowed my head in deep despair
    The demons laughed at every sound
    ‘cause all my fears were dancing there

    VERSE 2

    I wandered in a distant land
    So wounded, lost and alone
    Tortured thoughts, like grains of sand
    Anchored tight, my guilt like stone
    I stumbled on in darkness, still
    Amidst the shadow’s flight
    No hope! No hope! No hope!…until…
    No hope became, to me, as light.


    As I woke up from my dreams
    And put the armor on one day
    I remembered what the captain said
    As He led us all away…
    “Close your ranks, stand fast, and fight!
    Don’t give an inch to the battle din!
    March on, March on into the Light!
    We Win! We Win! We Win!!”

    VERSE 3

    Through a hole in the darkness
    as at a distance, I peered
    I walked at the whispered command
    “The Lord”, came a thought
    “Oh No!”, Satan jeered
    “You’ve made your last feeble stand”
    But my feet could not stop
    And my legs gained their strength
    As if carried along by the wind
    My mind comprehends…height, breadth, width and length
    We Win! We Win! We Win!!


    As I woke up from my dreams
    And put the armor on one day
    I remembered what the captain said
    As He led us all away…
    “Close your ranks, stand fast, and fight!
    Don’t give an inch to the battle din!
    Charge on, Charge on into the Light!
    We Win! We Win! We Win!!”

    Larry Grizzle, Lyrics
    John Foster, Music 1988
    (Registered W/ASCAP)

    In closing, just a quick pseudo quote from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’

    Is there a blessing for Obama?
    May God bless and keep Obama… Far away from us!!!
    (Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. Larry’s my name and cornball’s my game)

    God Bless You!!! REJOICE!!! WE WIN!!!

    Larry Grizzle

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