The MANY reasons I cannot vote for the Obama / Biden Ticket


Senator Obama does not communicate concisely. He is very wordy when he talks about his policies, and most of the time it is spin. It is difficult to really understand WHAT he is saying and WHAT DIRECTION he will really take as President. He has flipped flopped on several issues. He just doesn’t seem capable of being concise on any subject. He doesn’t “Straight Talk” like Senator McCain, as was clearly seen at the Saddleback Church forum. It should be very interesting to watch the debates later this month.


Morality and character are very important to me as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I begin my own personal ‘litmus test’ for a candidate to simply ask if they believe innocent beautiful babies are expendable through the vehicle of abortion. This reveals a person’s character to me. The Democrat National Party, Barack’s party, has embraced abortion as a core value. Therefore killing unborn children is a core value for Democrats. If a leader cannot even understand the value of an unborn child and a child’s need for protection, then how can they be fit to rule? We should ask ourselves the eternal question, what would be God’s rule? We should pray the prayer of Abraham Lincoln, to be on God’s side or God’s plan in this life, rather than hoping He is on our side. God have mercy on us and deliver us from this post-modern, narcissistic, self-centered secularized mentality. Are we now so intelligent by telling young women that it is a CHOICE and a good idea to end the life of an unborn child, especially if it would make you unhappy to have a baby; as Senator Obama would have his own daughters believe. ?

Obama’s position on Abortion is radical, click here for his record. He is for partial birth abortion, in other words, he is for the right of a woman and an abortionist to pound scissors into the back of a baby’s head and suck out the brains of the partially birthed child. This procedure is in fact barbaric. This point alone is why I cannot ever vote for someone who embraces this barbaric inhuman procedure. When Barack Obama was asked about how he would handle if one of his daughters got pregnant he told the audience he wouldn’t want them to be unhappy, “I don’t want them punished with a baby” so he advocates for abortion. He would actually encourage his daughter to abort, kill his grandchild, and paralleled the developing of a human baby to a STD, not my words, Barack Obama’s. No wonder the liberal Democrats hate Sarah Palin so much, she smacks up against their love of death under a banner of choice.

Senator Obama’s position on the war in Iraq is defeatism and has been the status quo of the Democrat party of tuck-tail and run. It is ridiculous that the Democrats have tired to use the war in Iraq as political posturing for their party’s gain rather than being Americans first and planning for victory. However, to their chagrin, the surge of troops has worked and we are operating in victory. Even Obama, very begrudgingly, admitted to Bill O’Reilly that the surge has worked to the Democrats surprise.

Unpatriotic: There is no way I want to vote for a “COMMANDER AND CHIEF” who will not salute the flag of the United States of American and who also thinks wearing a lapel pin of the US flag is political.

“I won’t war that pin” Barack Obama said. I say it is the flag of the United States and anyone who loves this country should be proud to wear it especially if you are running to be the president! I come from a family of service: my father, my brother, my brother’s in-law and most of my uncles have all served in the armed forces. This is incredulous and insulting to me that Barack Obama takes this position. Who is he really loyal too? We are in a time of war. This is a fearful thing to me that anyone could come this close to the presidency of the United States and be so disloyal. Barack and his wife were not so proud of this country, until the spot light was shown on their comments.

His executive experience is nil! Can someone please tell me something he has truly run besides a campaign for president? Obama’s Senate record is one of the most liberal if not the most liberal. Okay, so really, what executive experience does this man have?

Taxes – he will tax small businesses to death, employer taxes will = higher living expenses, higher fuel costs, and higher cost of living on every item ending with a Carter recession. His policies are change alright, changing back to the Carter years. I remember those years! Unfortunately, many younger voters have no idea and are very naïve.

Judges – Barack Obama will give us radically liberal law making socialistic judges ruining the US. Obama’s judges will legislate from the bench based upon their ideology rather than the Constitution of the United States. This one point alone should give for a long pause.

Security of our nation – Obama thinks we should negotiate with evil and he is sympathetic to Islamic nations. He thinks the terrorists should be given the same legal rights as citizens of the USA. He has no experience in foreign policy. He has never been in the military and has no idea how to run it.

Energy – no plan only talk. He and the Democrats will not drill for oil. He is now spinning because many independent pressures are bearing down on both candidates. I cannot trust Barack Obama to make good decisions that will lead our country to energy independence.

Morality – embracing homosexuality, pro-abortion, free sex any time any where, and condoms for everyone at every age is the platform of the Democrat Party. This is true for Barack Obama as a Democrat. If elected the Democrats along with a Democrat Commander and Chief would pass hate crimes legislation. This would literally stop ministers from speaking out against homosexuality.

The Obama AssociationsRev. Jeremiah Wright was Barack Obama’s spiritual advisor for the past 20 years of his life. Barack Obama’s church, the church of Rev. Wright honors Louis Farrakhan. It wasn’t until the Sean Hannity with Fox News exposed Obama’s pastor’s radical teachings and other media pressure that Barack finally left this radically racial church. William Ayers was a mentor to Barrack Obama and helped him launch his political career. William Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist.

Isn’t it time to say enough is enough! This candidate for president has too many problems. He is suppose to be marvelously educated as a Harvard Graduate, but he does not know if we have 57 states or 59 with Alaska and Hawaii, and there are millions who want him to be president? No, I could NEVER vote for Barack Obama! By the way, I think most fifth graders know that we have 50 states here in the United States of America.

Here’s a pro-life blog I just ran across that has great insights from a black man who will not vote for Obama! Well written!

Wall Builders has put together an excellent Presidential Voters Guide for Christians.  Please Read.


10 Responses to “The MANY reasons I cannot vote for the Obama / Biden Ticket”

  1. Dale Schmidt on October 27th, 2008 1:04 am

    I think an Obama Presidency will be full of lies, socialism, perversion, taxes, abortion and just nothing but evil. Obama is nasty.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Larry Grizzle on October 27th, 2008 11:54 am

    Dictionary Word of the Day Today Is… ‘genuflect’…

    genuflect \JEN-yuh-flekt\, intransitive verb:

    1. To bend the knee or touch one knee to the ground, as in worship.
    2. To be servilely respectful or obedient; to grovel.

    This is really how this WordWerks®

    Genuflect\jEN-yuh-flekt\, unthinkable verb:

    1.What I WILL NEVER DO regarding Barack Obama!!
    2.What any self respecting U.S. VOTER WILL NEVER DO AT THE POLLS regarding Barack Obama!!
    3.A word reserved for the Creator of the Universe only & May Never Be WASTED On The Likes of Barack Obama!!

    USAGE: No thinking human being could ever give credence to the destructive Marxist politics of the Angry Left much less genuflect before the likes of Marx, Stalin and Barack Obama!!

    God Bless You As You Vote McCain/Palin!!
    Larry Grizzle

  3. Stephen on October 27th, 2008 11:59 am

    When any man allows himself to be called Messiah, and even jokingly calls himself the Messiah it grieves the Holy Spirit. Barack Obama is far from the love and power of Jesus Christ and he is certainly not our savior. GOD HELP US!

    There does seem to be almost like a worship of him by this younger generation. The generation that of 16-25 year olds where 80% believe sex with anyone and any where they want as long as it is consenting is not immoral. No wonder his polls are showing Obama in the lead, his followers are deceived.

    OH PEOPLE… Use your brain and vote for McCain!

  4. Larry Grizzle on October 29th, 2008 7:12 pm

    Good post, Steve.

    I still believe that McCain has a chance. With the media and all the polls in the tank for Obama, too, trying to sway the election his way, it’s hard to see why McCain still does have a chance. But, since the polls are “soft” and liberals tend to discount the energized right, that bodes well for McCain. Many of us who cannot add to the political dialog in any significant way are behind the scenes seething and waiting to vote, hopefully in huge numbers!! I know quite a few people that have voted Democrat in the past because of union affiliation, etc., who are voting McCain this time.

    All we can do is try to get the word out the best way we can and pray, then believe that if Obama wins we are in the last of the last days. Bottom line… We can rejoice in the Lord either way, love our family and friends and proclaim the good news that Jesus is coming. We are not afraid because… He who is our life shall appear and we shall also appear with Him in the heavenlies. Hard to comprehend but seeing His prophesies come to life all around us, even though most of the activity is negative, just reinforces our faith, our anticipation and our Joy!!

    God Bless, Stephen.
    I love you brother and I pray for your work often.

  5. Stephen on October 29th, 2008 7:15 pm

    This election is going to be very interesting. I am taking Obama’s advice to take of November 4 to campaign, I will be campaigning for McCain.

    Use your brain and vote for McCain!

    Country FIRST!

    Character Matters!

  6. Larry Grizzle on October 31st, 2008 8:54 am

    A Little Q & A…

    Q: If a tree falls in the forest and there was no environmentalist around to see it,
    will New York City still be underwater in 40 years?

    A: No, but probably under a foot of ice. Global icing will be in vogue at that time.

    I’m just saying…

  7. Larry Grizzle on October 31st, 2008 9:07 am

    Did you miss this?!

    In Obama’s infomercial the other night he promised (or threatened, whichever way you want to look at it) to form a national police force. Does this ring a bell? Can you say “Gestapo” or “Storm Troopers”?
    These groups are formed for a reason. I can think of three right off the bat… To “motivate” towards “good” behavior, punish “bad” behavior and apprehension for re-education of the “Mal-informed”. This means that this internal force will be controlled by the administrative branch of our government (the presidency) to intimidate anyone who disagrees with Obama, seek out and punish those who will not be intimidated and incarcerate those who are still in disagreement after punishment. To the extreme this could include torture and/or death to those that will not acquiesce! Can you say totalitarianism?! Think about it people! Listen to what this man says and know that the mouth speaks what the heart believes
    ! In Obama’s case, with an audacity that will stymie any and all hope, he plans to carry out his visions. With a Democrat legislative branch, nothing will stop him. God, help our nation in the time of our great need!! Amen

  8. Larry Grizzle on October 31st, 2008 2:14 pm

    I read this on and ABC News Blog by a fellow known as “George”.
    Please read. Very revealing!!

    “CHANGE…In the late 1950’s most Cubans thought Cuba needed “a change”
    and they were right. So when a young, dynamic leader came along, every
    Cuban was at least receptive. When the young leader spoke eloquently and
    passionately and denounced the old system, the press fell in love with him.
    They never questioned who his friends were or what he really believed in.
    He said he would help the farmers and the poor and bring free medical care
    and education to all, and everyone followed. He said he would bring justice
    and equality to all, and everyone said “Praise the Lord!” The young leader
    said, “I will be for change and I’ll bring you change,” and everyone yelled,
    “Viva Fidel!” But by the time the executioner’s guns went silent, the people’s
    guns had been taken away. By the time everyone was equal, they were
    equally poor, hungry, and oppressed. By the time everyone received their
    free education it was worth nothing. By the time the press noticed, it was
    too late, because they were now working for him. By the time “the change”
    was finally implemented Cuba had been knocked down a couple of notches
    to Third-World status. By the time the change was over more than a million
    people had taken to boats, rafts, and inner tubes. Luckily, we in America
    would never fall for a young leader who promised change without asking,
    “what change?” Would we?”

  9. Stephen on October 31st, 2008 10:21 pm

    Hey Larry! I posted a video in the last post about the Dangerous 3 that has the Cuban letter in it. However at the very bottom of the post is the Focus on the Family, – A Christians Letter in October of 2012. It is pretty startling. Many of these things could actually come to pass with an Obama administration and a Democrat controlled congress! GOD HELP US!

  10. Larry Grizzle on November 5th, 2008 8:58 am

    OK. So Obama won. You think we have problems?!
    We need to pray for Ed…

    My friend Ed is in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary and his wife was really angry. She told him, ‘Tomorrow morning I expect to find a
    gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in less then 6 Seconds AND


    he next morning Ed got up early and left for work. When his wife woke up she looked out the window and sure enough there was a box gift-wrapped in
    the middle of the driveway. Confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway, and brought the box back in the house. She opened it and

    found a brand new Bathroom Scale.

    Ed has been missing since Friday. Please pray for him.

    Sorry for the corny joke but there is a point to posting it. Now that we have done all in this election, let us stand, not in defeat but in total victory. Remember, WE WIN!! Let’s keep our sense of humor and our Joy remembering that Jesus Himself is our Joy. Even if we do lose our joy through a time like this we can rejoice realizing that something other than Jesus had become our joy or at least partially our joy and it now has been stripped away! Hallelujah!! Now, let’s all go out and have a blessed day and be sure to pass this joke around (or one of your choosing) and help someone else LOL, Love and Retain their JOY today. God Bless You!

    Larry Grizzle

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