Seven Mind-Sweltering News Items about the Homosexual Political Agenda, and Hate Speech

Social Revamping Leading to Anarchy and Societal Chaos?

Freedom of Speech is NOT for Christians any more…

It seems many Christians and conservatives are not aware of how politically motivated gay activists and those involved in the homosexual agenda are in producing policies, ordinances and law changes across the United States.  The efforts are being made under the banner of discrimination, tolerance and hate speech. I thought it might be helpful to have some recent HEADLINE NEWS ITEMS with links for your consideration and prayers.  There has never been a time needed more than now to stand up and make a difference.

I encourage you to Google these HEADLINES.  It seems these stories are outrageous, but they are true.  I also encourage you to read for yourself from other sources.  See how “tolerance” is only for gay thought.  Read the Gay News Outlets and Blogs and see what they are saying in their own words.

Did you know that if you are outside the idea of embracing liberal homosexual philosophy as a viable and alternative lifestyle the gay thought police will attack you, and the hate crimes ordinances or legislation will come down on you hard?  Did you know if you believe differently you will be considered a bigot and hateful?  When do you think it will become illegal? It is already becoming illegal! It is now happening in several places in the United States of America!  It is also been happening in Canada for a while, where the Bible is now considered a hate speech book.

THIS WEEK IN THE NEWS! (June 3, 2008) The Democratic Party of the USA announces that the GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual/transvestitism) PRIDE and CAUSES are now CORE DEMOCRAT VALUES as noted on the National Democratic Web site.  “These are our country’s and our Party’s core values.” This means the Democratic Party and their leaders are for the oppression of Christian Speech and values on morality based upon God’s Word under the banner of hate speech and thought.

(WE ARE IN PERILOUS TIMES 2 Tim 3:1-5 and 2 Tim. 4:3)  What do you think will happen with a democratic controlled Congress and White House?


1)       Rioting Lesbians at Smith College Take Over Republican Student Meeting by Climbing in Through Windows

Freedom of Speech is not tolerated if it is Judeo-Christian speech, values or science that proves otherwise.  The college security allowed the disruption and no action was taken against the bullies. There was no disciplinary action or penalties to students from the school administration. Unbelievable?  Watch the video and see for yourself. Here are pictures and video from the riot take-over, source: from MASSResistance

See the President of Smith College, Carol Christ’s response and you can see clearly where her values are, as she closes her announcement without an apology but gives an alternative response for a gay movie to be shown the next day at 8:00PM.

2) New Mexico lesbian Vanessa Willock sued Christian photographer Elaine Huguenin because of her faith and values would not allow her to be the lesbians’ photographer at their “gay wedding.”  (Willock v. Elane Photography is the suit).  This lesbian couple demanded Elaine Huguenin co-owner with her husband of Elane Photography to be the lesbians’ photographer or be sued.  The lesbians sued and the New Mexico court upheld the human rights ordinance and found Elane Photography guilty of “sexual orientation” discrimination.  Elane Photography was fined $6,637.94.  The Alliance Defense Fund is the defense attorneys for Elane Photography. Read the full story and see the PDF of the commission’s order. Or

3) Lesbian Couple Sues Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association / Methodist in August 2007 because the lesbians desired to use the church’s PRIVATE property, a pavilion on the beach for their civil union – gay wedding – the church denied their request based upon their Christian Tenants.  This case is still pending.

The church counter sued state of New Jersey based upon the First Amendment protection. Read Story and Related Links

4) Colorado has become a Progressive State by passing into law by Governor Ritter-(D) SB2000 which is the Equal Access and Accommodations Bill for Gays.  This bill has a provision for GLBT to use the public bathroom of their choice based upon their gendered feeling of the moment.  If you are a man dressed as a woman you may now legally use the woman’s bathroom.  If you are feeling rather masculine as a women, nothing prevents you from going to the men’s room. IF you are a man in full-battle drag you can march right into the men’s room and pull up your dress and use the urinal.  Five year old little Johnny is standing in the men’s bathroom in shock! “Why is a woman in the men’s bathroom daddy?” Little Johnny’s dad is going to have a difficult time explaining this scene. How about this for some Colorado Confusion? You think this is far-fetched, you should think again.  If you do not believe the bizarreness you might want to take a look at Americans For Truth website. (BE WARNED ADULT CONTENT – Exposing Bizarre gay events in the USA)

5) Canadian Catholic Priest “Father Alphonse de Valk” Under Attacked by the Canadian Human Rights Commission

In Canada, Christian morality is considered hate speech.  This priest was merely stating his Christian beliefs, His Bible beliefs and the teachings of the Pope John II and the Catholic Church.   RELATED ARTICLE:

6) Canadian Pastor Stephen Boissoin and the Concerned Christian Coalition under attack by the Alberta Human Rights Commission(AHRC).  The AHRC issued a written order on May 30, 2008 stating that Mr. Boissoin and the Concerned Christian Coalition must pay former Red Deer school teacher Darren Lund $5,000 in damages.

Here is Stephen’s original letter that was printed in a local Alberta newspaper. “The Homosexual Agenda Wicked” I don’t personally agree with everything Stephen wrote, but I certainly agree with his right to say it.  However, I found his closing statement compelling for in just four years things have progressed much worse.

“If you are reading this and think that this is (an) alarmist, then I simply ask you this: how bad do things have to become before you will get involved? It’s time to start taking back what the enemy has taken from you. The safety and future of our children is at stake.”  Rev Stephen Boissoin

I do agree with this question and statement.  (See Stephen Boissoin’s Blog)

Update to Stephen Boissoin case: June 9, 2008
Government to pastor: Renounce your faith!  Now banned from expressing moral opposition to homosexuality

Stephen Boissoin ordered to pay $7000 and apologize, and to continue to remain silent about homosexuality.

7)  Northern Ireland’s ‘first lady’ under investigation of hate crimes by expressing her Christian views on homosexuality.  First Lady, Iris Robinson said that homosexuality was disgusting on a BBC radio show. She said it was in the Bible that homosexuality is an abomination.  Now, Iris Robinson, Northern Ireland’s first lady is under investigation for hate crimes and could go to jail and face large financial penalties.

An excellent article of on this topic with other outrageous incidents:  ‘Hate Crime’ Laws Threaten Religious Freedom  By Robert Knight and Lindsey Douthit at CWA site.

Please understand that I am NOT necessarily endorsing the content of any of these links or news agencies. I am merely hoping to inform people about the news and what is going on in the moral failing of the USA and also in the world concerning homosexuality. I am asking for you to research the news for yourself and pray! Again, please remember First Stone Ministries and our staff

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